Terada Packing of Wire Rope Fittings for Difference Delivery

Terada Packing of Wire Rope Fittings for Difference Delivery

Terada Packing of Wire Rope Fittings for Difference Delivery
Our packaging is mainly as follows:

For inner packaging, white transparent thick plastic bags are conventionally used. According to the size of the product, each bag contains different quantities of products. If the product is too large, it is usually packaged separately. For the precision surface treatment, shock-proof foam packaging is used. . Labels on the quantity and specifications of the products are affixed to the outside of the package, which is convenient for customers to sell and distinguish. It also accepts customer-specific packaging.

The outer packaging has different packaging forms for different modes of transportation.

1. Seaborne packaging: seaborne packaging is divided into woven bag + pallet; carton + pallet packaging; wooden box packaging. Among them, the woven bag is a thick woven bag, placed on a pallet with a fixed rope and stretch film reinforcement, and our exclusive shipping label is printed on the outside (if the customer does not specify a requirement). 

The carton uses a five-layer corrugated carton, which is strong and not easy to break. Labels with product pictures, model numbers, good orders, product information, materials and other details are affixed to the outside, so that customers can more clearly understand the product status of the box when checking the goods. The carton is tied with a wide rope to shape it. Finally, we will provide a unified support. We will use bollards around the carton pallet to protect the corners of the carton. The outside is often wrapped with plastic film, which can not only strengthen and prevent collapse, but also waterproof and moisture-proof. The outermost part is the cargo strap, which is integrated with the pallet and the cargo, and is affixed with our export label. 

The third type is wooden box packaging. For some goods that are not suitable for woven bag packaging or quality packaging, the whole wooden box packaging can be used, which can be safer and prevent bumps.

2. Air freight packaging: Compared with sea freight, air freight is more expensive, but the transportation time is short and the timeliness is fast. For some urgently needed products, customers will use air transportation. Because air transportation is sensitive to volume and weight, we generally do not use pallets, which can reduce the burden on customers. But in order to better ensure that the product arrives safely. We use the following packaging method: a five-layer corrugated carton with a thick woven bag on the outside, which can prevent the carton from being damaged during the handling process and causing the product to be lost. Finally, strap it with a seat belt. Each package is labeled with a number to avoid loss during transit. Due to the relatively fast time-efficiency of products shipped by air, we generally transport the bill of lading with the plane. Customers will also receive the documents when they receive the goods, so as to facilitate timely customs clearance and avoid delays.

At the same time, we have different packaging for different products. cable railing hardware have cable railing packing;rigging hardware have rigging hardware packing;tensile structure hardware have tensile structure packing. We also operate express transportation for customers. This mode of transportation is more responsible for customs clearance documents in countries where clearance is faster and does not require a lot Documents, but the price is more expensive than air freight. We often operate DHL and FedEx. Among them, DHL has pallet requirements. We will customize small-size pallets to customers according to the volume of the goods.
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